White-Collar Defense

Business in Ukraine often attracts the attention of law enforcement authorities. Often this attention is caused mostly not by the alleged unlawful actions, but by the business’s success. That is why some criminal prosecutions appear, during which business is being put on the brink of survival or destroyed by the means of endless searches, seizures of documents and computer equipment, or interrogations.

Previous cooperation with the budget, attempts of competitors to weaken the business position in the market, the corporate conflict between co-owners, and even a complaint of a former dissatisfied employee may become a reason for the criminal prosecution. As follows from the experience of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm, the most common charges against businesses are charges for tax evasion, fictitious entrepreneurship, and embezzlement.

It is impossible to fight the law enforcement system without qualified legal support. That is why a lot of effort is put on preventing the attorneys from consulting their clients during searches or other unexpected investigative actions. The experience of Hrynchuk and Partners attorneys allows to protect the clients from charges of tax evasion (Criminal Code of Ukraine, Art. 212, 212-1), embezzlement (Criminal Code of Ukraine, Art. 191), as well as other crimes that are traditionally considered as white-collar crimes (official malfeasances, offenses in the sphere of economic activity, etc.).

If you have suspicions that your business might get into the attention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police, or security authorities, moreover, if you already have investigators on your doorstep, the attorneys of the Hrynchuk and Partners law firm may come on your defense.

In this regard, please contact the Managing Partner Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk