About us

Hrynchuk and Partners law firm is a boutique law firm with an office in Lviv, Ukraine. We specialize in legal support for businesses. National and foreign investors trust us with the legal support of their projects, court proceedings, as well as the legal support of their ongoing activities.

Our clients are companies that operate in various industries. They obtain legal advice on the issues of contract and tax law, corporate law, intellectual property law, land law, etc. We represent our clients in court proceedings and provide protection against criminal charges in white-collar crime proceedings.

Legal councils, who gained their experience in the leading law firms in Western Ukraine, established the Hrynchuk and Partners law firm in Lviv in 2006. Until 2013 the law firm operated under the names Hrynchuk, Horpyniuk & Partners Law firm, and Hrynchuk Mazur & Partners Law firm. 

Our company operates in the form of Attorneys Association in full compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On advocacy and advocate’s practice”, which guarantees the application of all standards, requirements, and guarantees provided by special legislation, including the unconditional guarantee of attorney-client privilege. 

Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk, Founding Partner and Managing Partner of Hrynchuk and Partners Law firm, is the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Lviv with a consular district covering seven regions of Western Ukraine.

We aim to ensure the legal force and validity of all your decisions, either business or personal ones.

We are also members of several legal and business associations:

 UBA           KPL      UNBA