Trademarks and IP Protection

While working hard on the improvement of your business’s reputation, don’t forget, that there is a risk that some people may easily use your brand for their purposes. This may be done both intentionally, in bad faith, and even without bad faith, by only using the similar to your brand.

The first step you should take to secure your rights for the trademark, under which your business operates, is to register it.

Despite the lengthy procedure of state registration, the priority for the trademark is assigned to the applicant, if the applicant complies with other necessary conditions.

All businesses, especially those, which operate abroad, are recommended to obtain international trademark registration to protect the rights to their trademarks at their present and potential foreign operating markets.

Hrynchuk and Partners law firm provides the services of proper preparation of an application for trademark registration, which in particular includes a selection of appropriate classes to be covered by registration, as well as legal support during the registration procedure.

Protection of rights to a trademark is possible both in court and out of court in cooperation with the police.

Please contact the Partner Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk to order legal services on the trademark registration support and the legal protection of a trademark by a qualified attorney.