Real Estate, Construction and Land Law

Real Estate and construction have always been a significant part of the national economy, despite all its ups and downs. Some would say that these are the “locomotives” of our economy and they would be right. Business in this sphere has always been of a need in the qualified legal support. Starting from obtaining land rights, developing the construction financing mechanisms, and ending with the registration of rights to newly built property, lawyers are involved to ensure that the invested funds will be reflected in the state register of real estate rights.

Moreover, it often happens that the developer’s position on legal issues and the position of municipal or state authorities differ from each other. That’s why the court proceedings are not an uncommon thing when it comes to the construction of new facilities or the reconstruction of existing ones.

There are many successfully constructed real estate facilities in Ukraine now (both residential and those for public or industrial use), which were constructed with the legal help of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm. We will be glad to see your real estate projects among them.

As for the cooperation on the issues of land law, construction projects and real estate, please contact the Managing Partner Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk.