For the last two thousand years, humanity has not found the better method of dispute resolution, than its consideration by an impartial and objective court. Court cases may have different dispute objects and include different risks for the business, but in any case, it is recommended not to neglect the need for professional legal support involvement. Although the best dispute is the one resolved at the pre-trial stage by a settlement between parties, sometimes the opposing party, especially when it is a state or municipal authorities, does not leave any choice except to demand the appearance of its representative in court as a defendant.

Hrynchuk and Partners Law firm is ready to provide its clients with professional legal support in their court proceedings in both general and specialized courts of all instances. Years of experience and modern technical solutions provide an opportunity to evaluate the client’s legal position and the possible courts’ attitude towards it, taking into account the existing court practice.

Hrynchuk and Partners law firm is registered in the form of Attorneys Association and not in the other popular forms, such as private entrepreneurs. This enables our clients to submit to the court a request for reimbursement of expenses for legal aid. As a result, the money, which the client spends on legal support, can be collected from a guilty party.

On the issues regarding the support of your probable or existing court proceedings by the attorneys of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm, please contact the Managing Partner Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk or the Partner Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk