Legal Outsourcing Services

Every business, regardless of its size and industry sector, has to decide on several core issues, one of which is the legal support of its ongoing activities. Legal support may be provided either by in-house legal counsels or by a law firm.

Hrynchuk and Partners law firm offers a range of legal outsourcing services, which has several benefits for the client. Our client doesn’t have to resolve the issues on how to select the right attorney or how to organize the proper working conditions for the attorney and to ensure his loyalty. We deal with all of them. A defined Hrynchuk and Partners lawyer, whose candidacy is agreed with the client, becomes responsible for all the work on the client’s current tasks. This lawyer works under the guidance of one of the Partners and, having got acquainted with the business processes and peculiarities of the client’s activity, provides legal support for the client on the current business activities. A significant advantage for the client is that the expertise of the legal company, acquired during a decade of work and the legal practice in Ukraine, will be completely at the client’s service.

Legal support of the client’s ongoing activity may consist of various tasks, depending on the client’s industry and other features of his work. These may include participation in pre-contractual negotiations (analysis of draft agreements, negotiation with contractors and amending the terms of agreements), providing consultations on the matters of the employment law, tax law, corporate law, relationships with regulatory authorities and providing legal support during registration actions concerning legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Payment for the legal outsourcing services is conducted based on a monthly subscription under one of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm’s tariffs. The choice of tariff is to be made by the client while taking into consideration the expected load of tasks.

We will be delighted to have you among regular clients of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm.

Our Managing Partner Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk or Partner Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk will be glad to answer your questions regarding the legal outsourcing support of your ongoing business activities.