Labor Law and Employment

The hired labor usage does not only create the added value for business and customer satisfaction but could also become the source for potential legal issues. High fines for violating the labor rights of employees have become widely spread among businesses. Frequently, the grounds for imposing a fine on the employer are actions that were initiated by the employees themselves, but the employer is usually found legally responsible for them. 

Situations, when the material liability is put on the employee or employee is dismissed at the initiative of the employer have always been the ones to potentially create conflicts between the parties. Change of significant working conditions (including the reduction of wages), drafting a contract with the director and many other situations may also raise some legal issues.

There are also some alternative methods of human labor usage, developed by the market. These are contracting with natural persons-entrepreneurs or concluding the so-called agreements of civil law nature. However, the use of these methods requires a big amount of consideration and legal precision.

Hrynchuk and Partners law firm has been providing legal help to its clients on the issues connected with the hired labor usage for many years. We can offer legal support in problematic situations with employees, as well as the preliminary check of the means of human labor usage by business and the labor documentation, to eliminate the grounds for holding the business accountable for anything.

Please contact our Partner Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk to obtain legal support on the issues of employment and labor law.