Real Property Title Verification

You have decided to buy an apartment, but you want to make sure that you do not become one of the deceived “investors”? The initial stages of construction are the most attractive in terms of price per square meter, but they also entail great risks. If you want to obtain the information from an independent specialist about the existence of legal grounds for the developer to sell you an apartment, you are welcomed to contact the Hrynchuk and Partners law firm. Here you can receive a consultation and obtain impartial and legally verified information on the construction permits of the developer and the grounds for you to acquire the right of ownership for an apartment.

Many issues may also arise during the purchase of the apartment in the secondary market. The wish of the seller to sell the property at the earliest opportunity may exist due to a variety of reasons. For example, the reasons may lay in the fact that one of the co-owners was deprived of his property rights a month before by the court decision rendered in his absence or inheritance took place without the participation of one of the heirs, and so on. We may also conduct due diligence of the seller for you.

Please contact our Partner Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk regarding the legal audit of real estate transactions.