Property Protection

In a stable jurisdiction, the transfer of asset rights takes place with the consent of their owner by the means of contracts conclusion and for the fair price. Unfortunately, in the evolving jurisdictions, which are still in the process of the just legal regulation formation (Ukraine included), property rights are not as protected, as the one would want them to be. Dangers to property rights include, but are not limited to raiding, prosecutors who unlawfully seize property, manipulations with the state electronic registers of property rights, and so on. In case, when your property is under danger or you are unlawfully deprived of it, the timely and professional reaction to such violations is of the utmost importance. Hrynchuk and Partners law firm have a record of successful projects in property protection, protection of corporate rights, protection of harvests, etc. We will be glad to apply our experience and qualification to resolve the issues you might have if someone decides to use the imperfections of jurisdiction against you.

Please contact the Managing Partner, Mr. Andriy Hrynchuk, or the Partner, Ms. Liudmyla Tyshchuk on the issuesof property protection.