Customs Disputes

Cross-border trade has always been arousing a particular interest in the state authorities. Governments change, customs change the name, the heads of customs become rich “businessmen”, but the customs authorities still do not find it necessary to obey the law, especially in case of import of goods into the customs territory of Ukraine. 

That is why customs disputes arise. Most of them concern the custom value adjustment, in particular, fictitious customs payments overstatement when the customs authority raises impossible for fulfillment requirements to importers. The actions of importer starting from the very first information request are important for further trial. Therefore, legal support is crucial beginning from this early stage. Afterward, it is the attorney, who prepares a court case for the cancellation of unreasonable customs decisions, taking into account the developed by the court practice positions.

It frequently happens, that customs authorities abuse their punitive powers by holding the declarants accountable for the fictional violations, which are nothing more than, for example, different interpretations of the classification of goods.

If your business is unlucky to have got acquainted with the customs authorities manipulations in such issues as determination of customs value or your business has become the object of customs unreasonable punitive functions application, the attorneys of Hrynchuk and Partners law firm will be at your service.

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